If you are a patient that has experienced tooth lose, then dental bridges may be the perfect solution for you. A bridge is used to replace a lost or completely broken tooth if a denture or dental implant is not placed or is not an option. The false tooth, also known as a pontic, is fused between two dental crowns giving it the bridge concept. The two dental crowns holding it in place are attached to your natural teeth on each side.

Dental bridgesare made with all porcelain, making the results of this procedure very cosmetically appealing. Fixed bridges cannot be taken out of the mouth as you might do with a traditional denture making it less of a hassle for you in your daily maintenance and oral health routines.


Cosmetic dentures can be a life changing experience and requires many steps for preparation, physically and emotionally. As your primary dentist office, our staff understands the changes you are about to encounter. Our experienced team will take the time needed during your consultation to fully prepare you and offer professional advice to help you achieve the look that will bring your confident smile back. The first part of preparing for your cosmetic dentures is to understand what dentures are and how they work.

Dentures come in two forms- complete and partial. They are provided to patients who have missing teeth, and are created to replace them and the surrounding tissue area if needed. Complete dentures fully replace all missing teeth, whereas partial dentures replace specific missing teeth around the natural teeth that still remain in place.

Dental Bridge at Merchants Walk Dental