Your child’s first teeth will begin coming in between three and sixteen months (usually around six months). The two bottom front teeth will be the first to come in and this will be followed by the four upper teeth in four to eight weeks. The timing of the eruption of the first tooth is largely influenced by genetics. Children begin shedding their first teeth when they are around 6-7 years old, and this process is complete with the loss of the 2nd molars when they are about 11-13 years old. Permanent teeth begin erupting at around 6-7 years of age and continues until your child gets his third molars (or wisdom teeth) when he is about 17-22 years old. We typically recommend bringing your child to our Dentist for kids in Marietta office around the age of 3.

In addition to looking for and preventing problems, an early visit to your Marietta dentist can help educate you about your child’s oral health and proper hygiene